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​Books Published 

  1. Dr Rajasekaran V  (Ed). (2023) ‘Successful Teaching / Research Practices ’ SkillTrack Publications, Chennai (ISBN 978-8-196-299408)

  2. Dr Rajasekaran V  (Ed). (2021) ‘English Language & Literature Theory and Practice’ Notion Press, Chennai (ISBN 978-1-63873-709-4)

  3. Dr Rajasekaran V (2019) ‘English Reading Skills – A Beginners Guide’ Xpress Publishing, Chennai (ISBN 978-1-64760-199-7)

  4. Dr Rajasekaran V and Roshini  (2019)‘Exploring Realms of Patriarchy in ‘The Handmaids Tale’ Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-620-0-47759-0)

  5. Dr Rajasekaran V and Rajesh(2018) “Cultural Materialism as seen in the novel I am one of you forever” Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-620-2-07543-5)

  6. Dr Rajasekaran V and Aravind BR (2018)“Critical Study on Preface to Shakespeare and Apology for Poetry” Lambert Academic Publishing. (ISBN 978-613-5-80711-0)

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